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Red Fox

Posing Red Fox


Evening folks…on one of the trips to NH last month I also saw a bobcat, but was not able to get any photos. But I did get a few shots of this great looking adult red fox….Happy


What's Eat!


Evening folks…long day spent at the fox den today with a buddy, this is a true behavior photograph. Mom brought in a garter snake and this little guy proceeded to woof it down! It was kinda funny watching this unfold, first it wasn't sure left and came back 20 minutes later and gobbled it down….Happy And don't ask me what the critter was on it's left, as I have no idea!


Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…I received word last night that the mom has moved the fox kits. This is not uncommon for this to happen and mom might move them a few times before they are old enough to hunt on their own. Guess I should consider myself lucky that I did have to photo sessions with them….Happy


Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…here is another photo from the new fox den from earlier this week. The best I could do was to get three of at least five of the kits in one photo…Happy

Let's hope everything gets resolved on Boston soon….

Everyone have a safe weekend.


Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…good news, I got a report of a fox den the other day and today I when to the location for a visit. It didn't take long to locate the den and there appears to be at least 5 kitts. I spent a hours photographing them this afternoon until it started to rain.These guys are so much fun to photograph!

Given the location I'm not sure how long it will be before mom moves them. The location is in an area that will become very busy with folks wanting to be outside, but we'll see….Happy


Red Fox Kitts

Fox 2

Evening folks…well it is getting that time of the year for foxes to start looking for denning locations. I may have found a Grey Fox location. This is in a location where one has denned for the pasted few years and last Thursday I found an area that has been new dug out…..fingers crossed. Now to find a Red Fox den...anyone know of one please feel free to contact me....Happy


Red Fox and Moose

Hi folks,

I received word of a red fox den the other day in Mason, NH. On Friday afternoon I went to locate the den and found mom with 2 kitts. Being late in the day, I went back Saturday and spent there about 3 hours. The kitts are almost full grown and I’m sure mom will be taking them out hunting soon.

While there I heard a noise behind me and small bull moose appeared about 75 yards away. Then I heard a noise off to my left and soon a cow was came into view not more than 20 feet away. I stepped out in front of her but with a 700 mm lens there was not much I could capture at the close range. She turn and walked away then something made her turn and come back my way. The last photo below was just as she turned back into the woods.