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Watching The Rising Sun


Evening folks…title of this one 'Watching The Rising Sun'. This is a photograph I have been trying to get for close to a month now. For a brief few minutes, just as the sun is coming over the horizon, everything the sun hits takes on this red/pinkish tone. When I photographed the sunrise back about a month ago, I noticed how stunning the owl looked in this light. But on that morning I didn't have time to get around to the oceanside to capture the owl in that magic light, as the light changes so quickly. So on that morning I had to settle for the sunrise, knowing I would be returning for this photo, but not knowing it would take so many trips!

Unlike all the other mornings that I arrived before sunrise, either the horizon had a cloud bank or the owl was not in a good location. When I arrived Friday morning the conditions were great with no cloud bank on the horizon. Next I located the owl perched out by the ocean on the rocks, so far so good. So I grabbed my equipment and headed out to where the owl was and just waited for the sun to rise. The owl just sat there just watching the sun rise as this beautiful light began to illuminated her. It was just such a magical sight to witness and photograph! Such a great morning…..Happy


Great Gray Owl in Snow


Evening folks…it was a year ago today that I clicked this photograph of this Great Gray Owl up in Ottawa Canada! I hadn't even processed this photo until today. This was the only afternoon that we had a bit of light snow falling. I haven't been out all week (nasty cold) but I'm heading out in the morning to photograph Snowy Owl at sunrise…Happy


'Snowy Owl Take'n Flight'


Evening folks…here is Snowy Owl just taking flight, their wing span is 50-55" inch, it's impressive when they are this close. It has been such a treat to see and photograph these beautiful owls this winter. Soon they will be starting to return back to the tundra for the summer. I hope anyone that wanted to see them did, it might be a longtime before we see numbers like this again.


Snowy Owls Are Back!


Evening folks…it was a snowy kinda day, as in Snowy Owls…Happy I've never seen so many in one day. I started at Salisbury Beach at day break this morning and ended the day at sundown on Plum Island. The total for the day ended with 15 owls of which I was able to photograph six….Happy

For those that don't know about the
irruptions of the Snowy owls, here is a simple explanation. Lemmings usually are found in or near the Arctic they seem to have a 4-5 year population cycle. This is also the normal home range for Snow Owls. Lots of lemmings means lots of Snowy owlets are born, fledge and survive. When the lemmings crash the owls move south to find food. Many owls die, but enough survive to allow the Snowy Owl to maintain a healthy population. It’s nature’s way of balancing populations of both owls and lemmings.

Many of the owls down this way are young birds, this owl I believe is a first year owl.