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Milky Way Rising Over The Raven's Roost


Evening folks…'Milky Way Rising Over The Raven's Roost' when I headed to Schoodic this past week, this was the photograph I was after…Happy It took 3 nights to get the shot since, the alignment of the Milky Way was only there for about an hour. The best time was at around 10 PM, the first night a band of clouds came in at sunset and remained until around 11 PM. The second night a fog bank rolled in. And on the last night I was able to get the shot in just before a storm came in from the West. I can't wait to see what this one looks like on metal!

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Technical details:
Canon 5D III 16-35mm f/2.8 lens using a iOpton Sky Tracker mount.
Single 3 minute exposure @ ISO 640 @ f/3.5 while light painting the foreground.


Milky Way over Lupine Field


Evening folks…just returned late last night from a very successful trip to the Franconia, NH area. One of the main reasons for this trip was to photograph the Milky Way over one of the Lupine fields.

On my last trip up a few weeks ago while sitting on my aunt and uncle's deck I noted the beaming Milky Way in the sky above and this was the inspiration for this photograph! Next was to find a Lupine field with the proper orientation to align with the Milky Way. Using Google Earth and Starry Night I narrowed the search to this field as the best location. If anyone has been to this area will most likely know this church, St. Matthews Chapel in Sugar Hill just up the road from Polly's Pancakes!

This photograph is two photographs combined into one. The first photograph a three minute exposure for the Milky Way on a tracking mount and a second two minute exposure while 'light painting' the foreground using a flashlight. This was indeed a fun photo shoot….Happy

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