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Loon Rolling Egg


Evening folks…this was one of the loon nesting behavior photographs I was looking to get this week. Just like every other nesting bird, loons roll the eggs during the incubation period for even heat on the egg. This pair started with two eggs, but discarded one egg sometime between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning. I spoke with a MassFish and Wildlife Biologist yesterday afternoon and apparently they can sense if the egg is viable and if not they discard the egg. The discarded egg is visible at the base of the nest close to the water.

I also notified the Loon Preservation Committee of NH about the egg for retrieval of the non-viable egg. The folks at MassFish and Wildlife along with Tuffs are also collecting loon eggs that don't hatch to try and figure out what went wrong during the incubation period.


Loon with chicks


Evening folks…there is something about loons, I'm going to say they are my favorite waterbird to photograph. I love hearing the calls of loons at sunrise and sunset. Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to have a nesting pair here on the pond…Happy


NH Trip Report


Evening folks…just got back from a quick trip to NH to photograph the Black-backed Woodpeckers nest and for a bit of scouting for sows with cubs and loons. The Black-back babies are just starting to show themselves, plenty of bears, I just never found any with clubs and as always the loons were fun…..Happy

Also of note was an otter family of one adult and two young ones. Then on my way home today I saw one of the largest bull moose I have ever seen!

Total list from Sunday afternoon until today:

Bear 8... photographed one.
Deer 3 no fawns.
Moose... MONSTER bull 1.
Otter 1 adult 2 kits…photographs but you'll never see them…..Happy
Black-backed Woodpeckers 2 adults and not sure yet how many young…photographs
Pileated 2…photographs
Loons 2…photographs
Hen Wood-duck with many ducklings.
Numerous other tweedy birds but surprising very little other water fowl.
Lupine are in full bloom and well as many other wildflowers.

Overall not bad for just few days…Happy

Loon With Chick


Evening folks…as a followup to last nights post, Common Loons are the best know parents to carry young on their backs. But certain ducks, such as Common Mergansers as Rick Libbey stated and some Grebes also young their young around as well. I have seen all of the above but only have photographed Loons.