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What's Eat!


Evening folks…long day spent at the fox den today with a buddy, this is a true behavior photograph. Mom brought in a garter snake and this little guy proceeded to woof it down! It was kinda funny watching this unfold, first it wasn't sure left and came back 20 minutes later and gobbled it down….Happy And don't ask me what the critter was on it's left, as I have no idea!


"Sleeping Like A Rock"


Evening folks…the mom has yet to move all of the kits at the fox den. She has split the den, which is not common, but does happen according to a friend of mine at MassFish and Wildlife. Anyhow I received word over the weekend that the two I photographed a week ago still there. I spent a few hours there yesterday afternoon. We'll call this one "Sleeping Like A Rock" !


Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…here is another photo from the new fox den from earlier this week. The best I could do was to get three of at least five of the kits in one photo…Happy

Let's hope everything gets resolved on Boston soon….

Everyone have a safe weekend.


Grey Fox Kit


Evening folks…and keeping with the fox theme here is a Grey Fox kit taken a few years ago. I was only able to photograph them a few times before mom moved them to a new location. Cute little guys….