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Maine Eagle Project


Evening folks…I received word last night that a few eagles have started visiting the location in Maine where I have been setting up to photograph them. I plan on heading back up in the next few days for a little more work on the site and blind I installed last week. It seems like they have taken to the blind, that was step one!


Schoodic Eagle


Evening folks… it wasn't all about the landscape up on Schoodic. One morning I spotted this eagle perched on some rocks and spent about 30 minutes photographing it. In this photo it was talking to it's mate that had just flown into view and perched in a tree about 1/4 mile away. Shortly after this photo this eagle joined it's mate…Happy


Eagle Nest Update


Evening folks…on this nice rainy day/night! I've been getting a few request for an update on the local eagle nest. Here is what we know so far. It looks like we have a pair forming a bond and establishing a territory. One of the eagles is a MA banded bird with a State band of A/D. This bird hatch in 2007 at a nest in South Central MA. The second bird appears to be a third year eagle with no bands. They have been coming to the nest most morning at daybreak for a bit and then some days at sunset. So does seem they are roost at night on the Lake.

Here are links to recorded videos from the evening of June 1st and yesterday morning June 6th.

June 1st 40 minutes
June 6th 16 minutes

Have a great weekend everyone and stay dry if you are in New England!


Eaglet D1's first flight

I went to the nest today and when I arrived dad was in the nest but D1 was not. I heard D1 screaming a short distance away to the east. I photographed the male in the nest for a bit then went to see where D1 was. D1 was perched in a pine tree by the kettle south east of the nest. Both adults made a few pass to check on D1, but it took 3 1/2 hours before D1 mustered enough courage leave the tree. My guess is that D1 made it’s first flight to that pine after dad kicked it out!

On the next flight D1 flew to a tree close to where the male was perched. A few minutes later D1 flew to the pine snag at the end of the cove. Over the next 30 minutes D1 seemed to learn how to use it wings, though some of the landings were a bit amusing!

Below is one of the first photos I captured of D1 in flight. More photos can be viewed
here, the next 9 photos are from today.


Eaglet DO has died

I received an email that DO has died.

From Pat Huckery

“Hi all - Flo called from Tufts Wildlife Clinic to say eagle #D0 died on July 4. She reported that the bird was anemic, had some kind of infection indicated by a high white blood cell count, and could not keepdown solid or liquid food. Necropsy showed a heavy infestation of liver flukes, possibly picked up by eating encysted fish. Hopefully our other eaglet will fare better. Keep your eyes open and let us know if you see anything unusual.
Patricia Huckery
Northeast District Office
68 Harris Street
Acton, MA 0172"

This was one of the last photos that I took of DO in the nest.

Eaglet to veterinary hospital

I visited the nest today around 3:30 PM and when I arrived I heard voices below the nest. I walked over towards the nest and Pat Huckery from the State Wildlife was there holding one of the eaglets.

The eaglet was spotted of the ground on the about 250 feet to the north side of the nest by Frank Esielionis earlier in the day. The eaglet was not real responsive and Frank contacted the State to report the eaglet's condition. When Pat arrived the eaglet had made it's way back to the base of the tree, but was still not real responsive. Pat has transported the eaglet to Tuffs Veterinary Hospital in Grafton, MA with hopes it will be returned soon to the nest.

Many thanks to Frank!

Pat with eaglet

Dad at nest looking pissed “where is your brother”


Two Chicks in the nest

I was at the nest for about 2 hours yesterday and finally was able to capture the two chicks in the same frame. The female feed the eaglets while I was there and then the male came back to the nest about 2 hours after I arrived with a stick. One of the eaglets had a look on it’s face ‘A Stick.....where’s the fish’. Mom then flew off to the pine snag.

Mom and eaglets.

Dad you brought home a stick..... where’s the fish!

Dad and eaglets.


Eagles Nesting in the area

We have a pair of bald eagles nesting in the area!

This is the first nesting pair in the Nashua River area for many years. Many thanks to Bill Davis for reintroducing the bald eagle back into the Massachusetts as well as Marion Stoddart for her efferts to clean up the waterways!

There is at least as one chick in the nest as sighted by myself today and a Bill Davis earlier this week.