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Black Bear

Learning to Climb


Evening folks…here's a photo showing two of triplets cubs that I had the opportunity to photograph for a few days back in June. While in Maine a few weeks back I watched a bear eating nuts about 30 feet up in a Hickory tree, it was a neat sight to see a bear grazing in the tree-tops….Happy What amazed me was how quick it came down the tree once it got wind of me! Bears have been packing on the pounds for the past few months readying for the winter. It won't be long before they are denned up for the winter!


Black Bear cub on a log


Evening folks…I still have a few more black bear photos from a few weeks back….Happy. This little guy figured he would try it's luck on the balance log! It's amazing how theses little guys can climb and balance themselves when they need to escape danger.


Bear at the bar


Evening folks…something about this pose, "Hey Smoky give me another drink, long day with the cubs!"


A Bear Story


Evening folks…leading up to this photograph was a bit exciting! I was photographing the sow with the cubs that I posted last night, when momma bear took to the woods running. The cubs went into the woods a bit deeper and went up a tree. Next I viewed a bear coming out of the woods across this open area towards me at 200 feet out with the sow chasing behind him! He ran to my right and stopped within 15 feet of me sat down! At that point the sow stopped about 75 feet out and headed back to the woods with her cubs. It seemed like this young male was saying 'protect me from this big bad momma bear'! I took a few very tight head shots of this bear, then about 2 minutes later he walked slowly back to the woods.

Needless to say my heart was pumping a bit fast!


Bear Family Portrait


Evening folks…and the another reason for the trip up North last week was for bears! I received a lead about a sow with 3 cubs at this location and spent the better part of 3 1/2 days camped out there. Mom would bring the cubs out a 3-4 times a day almost like clock work, early morning, late morning, mid afternoon, and just before dark. Lots of photos to shift through, but this was one photo I was after, a family portrait! Do you know how hard it is to get all of them to say cheese and look at the camera…..Happy


NH Trip Report


Evening folks…just got back from a quick trip to NH to photograph the Black-backed Woodpeckers nest and for a bit of scouting for sows with cubs and loons. The Black-back babies are just starting to show themselves, plenty of bears, I just never found any with clubs and as always the loons were fun…..Happy

Also of note was an otter family of one adult and two young ones. Then on my way home today I saw one of the largest bull moose I have ever seen!

Total list from Sunday afternoon until today:

Bear 8... photographed one.
Deer 3 no fawns.
Moose... MONSTER bull 1.
Otter 1 adult 2 kits…photographs but you'll never see them…..Happy
Black-backed Woodpeckers 2 adults and not sure yet how many young…photographs
Pileated 2…photographs
Loons 2…photographs
Hen Wood-duck with many ducklings.
Numerous other tweedy birds but surprising very little other water fowl.
Lupine are in full bloom and well as many other wildflowers.

Overall not bad for just few days…Happy

Feeding Black Bear


Evening folk…here is another bear from up north last week. I was photographing from a tree stand that evening and this was the last bear I photographed for the evening. As it was getting late, I exited the tree stand while she was feeding, expecting her to bolt. But she continue to feed while watching me walk from the field…neat stuff….Happy


Clover eating bear


Evening folks…While up north I spent one evening sitting in a clover field hoping to see a bear or two. Well did I ever! First came in a real big male and stayed for a bit and left, then a deer came in along with hen turkey. A few minutes later a smaller second bear appeared. About 5 minutes later a third bear came in and the small bear spooked out. Fun night to say the least!

Everyone have a great weekend!