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Black-backed Woodpecker Feeding Young


Evening folks…as I stated in last night's post, one of the main reasons for heading up north was to photograph the uncommon woodpecker of the northern coniferous forests, the Black-backed Woodpecker. The little ones are starting to peek their heads out a bit to be fed by the parents. We were able to get great views as the male and the female brought food to the begging youngsters. I hope to go up one more time before they fledge if time permits.


Pileated Feeding Young


Evening folks…I visited the Pileated nest on Tuesday night. I was able to stay a bit later and the light was really nice. This is mom feeding the 2 female young ones. It won't be long before they fledge the nest….



Black-backed Woodpecker


Evening folks…just got back today from a great show in Meredith over the long weekend! Then we stayed a few days in the Franconia area for a bit of photography. While there I had the opportunity to photograph this pair of birds. It's not a rare bird but uncommon to see, then to be able photograph a nesting cavity was a great treat….Happy


Flying Chips!


Evening folks…anyone care to ID this bird. I photographed this bird last week at Wachusett Meadow in Princeton, MA. There is a pair in the process of carving out a nesting cavity about 30 feet up in a tree.

I would like to find a Pileated nesting hole to photograph this year, it anyone knows of one please contact me….Happy