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Water Fowl

Nesting Swan


Evening folks…Swans are not one of my favorite birds given they are not native to North America, and the impact they have on local wildlife. But I do have to say they are a nice looking bird, and their nest are huge! Since they are one of the few birds that provide a 'taxi service' for the young, I'm going to try to capture this behavior once the young hatch….Happy I photographed this bird in Ayer this afternoon.

Now for a quick quiz! What other water fowl carry their young on their backs?


Hooded Merganser


Evening folks…while sitting at my otter site, this Drake Hooded Merganser popped in to say hi! Needless to say the otters were a no show this afternoon….Sad


Winter Geese


Evening folks…while up to Salisbury beach last week I also went over to Plum Island to see if I might get lucky and stumble onto a Snowy Owl. No such luck on the owl, but I did photograph a flock of a few hundred Canada Geese feeding in a snow covered field! Yummy……frozen grass…Happy