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Small Critters

Leucistic Chipmunk


Evening folks…yesterday I received a call from a friend here in Lunenburg stating she was watching a 'white' chipmunk in her yard. She had viewed it a few times last year and once this spring. I headed on over to see if I could get lucky and photograph this rare little guy.

This chipmunk falls into a class known leucism. This group generally has some of the normal coloration of the species and have normal eye color and not red as with a true albino. So what we have is an Leucistic Chipmunk….Happy

Anyone wishing to order a print of this rare guy, here is a


Many Bunnies!


Evening folks…there seems to be lots of bunnies around this year. It seems every-time I turn around I'm bumping into a bunny….Happy


Raccoon Fishing


Evening folks…I photographed this raccoon the other day at the Oxbow WMA in Harvard. This is the first time I have ever seen one of this guys in the water during the day feeding. Just wish it had crayfish in it's mouth before it spotted me!




Evening folks…spent a bit of time at Bolton Flats this after. The most interring bird was a Glossy Ibis, but it didn't stay long enough to get any good photographs. Only a few of these pass this far inland each year. But I did have a chance to photograph a 'dry' Muskrat! Do you think it needs to use a bit of 'tooth whiting'….Happy


Muskrat Grooming


Evening folks…was out scouting some new areas today and came across a bit of open water with some water plants on the ice. Since it was I nice day I sat there for a while (plus a little nap…Happy ) figuring this little guy might pop back out. After about an hour this muskrat popped out from under the ice feed for a while, groomed for a bit and then disappeared back under the ice….fun the watch.


Snowshoe Hare


Evening folks….another bunny from Canada. Being a hunter as a kid I spent many days hunting Snowshoe Hares with Beagles, can these guys run!


Snowshoe Hare


Evening folks…one afternoon after we finish photography the Great Gray Owls we spent photographing Snowshoe Hares until dark. We were told of a location where they were and were not disappointed! At one point we had four bunnies feeding at the edge of this old field….Happy


Black Grey Squirrel


Evening folks…while in Canada last week I was also able to photograph a critter I have been trying to locate here in Massachusetts to photograph, a Black Grey Squirrel. The black squirrel is a melanistic subgroup of the Eastern Grey Squirrel. They are common in the Midwestern United States, Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the Northeastern United States, with a few here in Massachusetts. We stumbled onto a group while photographing the Boreal Owl.


Otter with Catfish


Evening folks…spent the afternoon over at my otter location and was able to photograph this one gobbling down a catfish. It was amazing to watch, within 2 seconds of going underwater it came back up with this fish! There was also a beaver out on the ice for a bit, and a Belted Kingfisher…guess it likes ice fishing! It did manage to catch a fish in what little open water there is….Happy

Fun afternoon!


River Otter


Evening folks…this is a critter I have been trying to photograph for sometime now, the River Otter. I located an area where there has been a lot of activity earlier this week. And this afternoon I finally was able to get a few photographs before it disappeared. I think I located the den as well and with any luck they will have their pups at this location!

Have a great weekend.


Long-tailed Weasel


Evening folks…here is another weasel this one is a long-tailed weasel I photographed this past summer while in Maine. I sat down on the edge of a small pond and heard a bit of squeaking, looked over to my right and spotted 1/2 dozen little weasels poking there head out from behind a tree.  I tried to get some photos of the young but they moved too fast! Mom came running over had herded them away when she squeaking and saved them from the big bad photographer….Happy




Evening folks…I went to Hanover, NH in search of a Great Gray Owl that had been spotted there for the past few days. We didn't have any luck with the owl….Sad But I did get a few clicks of this critter, I've been trying photograph one for sometime now.



Red Fox and Moose

Hi folks,

I received word of a red fox den the other day in Mason, NH. On Friday afternoon I went to locate the den and found mom with 2 kitts. Being late in the day, I went back Saturday and spent there about 3 hours. The kitts are almost full grown and I’m sure mom will be taking them out hunting soon.

While there I heard a noise behind me and small bull moose appeared about 75 yards away. Then I heard a noise off to my left and soon a cow was came into view not more than 20 feet away. I stepped out in front of her but with a 700 mm lens there was not much I could capture at the close range. She turn and walked away then something made her turn and come back my way. The last photo below was just as she turned back into the woods.