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Fall Foliage

"Fall to Winter over Mount Katahdin"


Evening folks…had a great show this weekend in North Conway, the weather was great! But it won't be long before we start seeing scenes like this…Happy


Swirling Leaves


Evening folks…'Swirling Leaves' Yes, indeed those are leaves swirling around in the currents in the pool below the water falls. I have been looking for a pool like this for a while when a friend, Duane Cross gave me a heads up on this pool in Easton, NH. Toss a few leaves in with a long shutter and the water currents make for an interesting canvas…..Happy


Start of Fall


Evening folks…I bought a 'super wide-angle' lens (14mm) the other day mostly for night photography. Today I had to do a bit of running around and thought I would snap a few photos with the new lens. Looks like this might be a fun lens to add to the collection….Happy And yes 'the colors they are a changing'!