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Nov 2013

Ghost of the woods


Evening folks…I have spent more time trying for bobcat photos than any other critter here in New England. I do feel fortunate to have photographed them a few times. I still want to photograph one with some fresh snow on the ground, maybe this is the year…..Happy


Learning to Climb


Evening folks…here's a photo showing two of triplets cubs that I had the opportunity to photograph for a few days back in June. While in Maine a few weeks back I watched a bear eating nuts about 30 feet up in a Hickory tree, it was a neat sight to see a bear grazing in the tree-tops….Happy What amazed me was how quick it came down the tree once it got wind of me! Bears have been packing on the pounds for the past few months readying for the winter. It won't be long before they are denned up for the winter!


Capped the Cardinals!

IMG_6330_2 - Version 3

Morning folks…I have received a number of request if the Cardinal with the Red Sox hat would be available as a holiday greeting card. Here is a direct link to the 'Capped The Cardinals' photo….

There are a number of other photographs to choose from that would also make for great greeting cards. The service allows you to personalize the inside of the cards with up to 500 characters.