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May 2013

Clover eating bear


Evening folks…While up north I spent one evening sitting in a clover field hoping to see a bear or two. Well did I ever! First came in a real big male and stayed for a bit and left, then a deer came in along with hen turkey. A few minutes later a smaller second bear appeared. About 5 minutes later a third bear came in and the small bear spooked out. Fun night to say the least!

Everyone have a great weekend!


Black-backed Woodpecker


Evening folks…just got back today from a great show in Meredith over the long weekend! Then we stayed a few days in the Franconia area for a bit of photography. While there I had the opportunity to photograph this pair of birds. It's not a rare bird but uncommon to see, then to be able photograph a nesting cavity was a great treat….Happy


Many Bunnies!


Evening folks…there seems to be lots of bunnies around this year. It seems every-time I turn around I'm bumping into a bunny….Happy


Cow Moose with Calf


Evening folks…something a bit different than birds tonight! This time of year moose are giving birth to their young. I still have yet to photograph a young one while they still have a creamy colored coat. But I will be trying again this year….Happy This is mom with about ~6 month old young one.


Male Eastern Bluebird


Afternoon folks…I spent a number of hours last week trying to get this photograph of a male Eastern Bluebird on an apple blossom. Late yesterday it happened! Get a 20% discount for ordering this print within the next few days…Happy See more details below.

We are offering a 20% discount for a 8" X 10" signed and matted photograph of this photo. At checkout enter BLUBIRD to receive your 20% discount. The discount will run through May 20th.


Yellow Warbler Preening


Evening folks…to continue with the guessing game, here is another bird….Happy I even found where they are building a nest…Happy I'll post a few of them later this week building the nest. So far everyone is going great with the identification of the birds I've posting!

Such a fun time of year with all that's going on in nature….Happy


Loon With Chick


Evening folks…as a followup to last nights post, Common Loons are the best know parents to carry young on their backs. But certain ducks, such as Common Mergansers as Rick Libbey stated and some Grebes also young their young around as well. I have seen all of the above but only have photographed Loons.

Nesting Swan


Evening folks…Swans are not one of my favorite birds given they are not native to North America, and the impact they have on local wildlife. But I do have to say they are a nice looking bird, and their nest are huge! Since they are one of the few birds that provide a 'taxi service' for the young, I'm going to try to capture this behavior once the young hatch….Happy I photographed this bird in Ayer this afternoon.

Now for a quick quiz! What other water fowl carry their young on their backs?


Home Improvements


Evening folks…visited the Osprey nest yesterday, and they are sitting on eggs! Dad decided the nest still needed a few more home improvements! Soon he will be carrying fish to the nest to feed the troops…Happy


Flying Chips!


Evening folks…anyone care to ID this bird. I photographed this bird last week at Wachusett Meadow in Princeton, MA. There is a pair in the process of carving out a nesting cavity about 30 feet up in a tree.

I would like to find a Pileated nesting hole to photograph this year, it anyone knows of one please contact me….Happy


Raccoon Fishing


Evening folks…I photographed this raccoon the other day at the Oxbow WMA in Harvard. This is the first time I have ever seen one of this guys in the water during the day feeding. Just wish it had crayfish in it's mouth before it spotted me!


What's Eat!


Evening folks…long day spent at the fox den today with a buddy, this is a true behavior photograph. Mom brought in a garter snake and this little guy proceeded to woof it down! It was kinda funny watching this unfold, first it wasn't sure left and came back 20 minutes later and gobbled it down….Happy And don't ask me what the critter was on it's left, as I have no idea!