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Jul 2013

Raven's Roost


Evening folks…off to the Maine Coast tomorrow in the area of Schoodic Peninsula. One of my main goals is to do a night shot at this location with the Milky Way. Looks like I will have at least 3 nice nights at this very dark location….Happy

See you in a few days!


Rainy Day Humingbird


Evening folks…so what does one do on a rainy morning, photograph hummingbirds of course….Happy This female has taken over the feeder. This perch is close to the feeder and as soon as another hummingbird get close she runs it off and returns to the perch. She has been doing this now for the past few days, but today she was more aggressive than ever.

Everyone have a great weekend!


Black Bear cub on a log


Evening folks…I still have a few more black bear photos from a few weeks back….Happy. This little guy figured he would try it's luck on the balance log! It's amazing how theses little guys can climb and balance themselves when they need to escape danger.


Decline of Monarch Butterflies?


Afternoon folks…has anyone seen any Monarch Butterflies yet this summer? I have yet to see one.


Loon Rolling Egg


Evening folks…this was one of the loon nesting behavior photographs I was looking to get this week. Just like every other nesting bird, loons roll the eggs during the incubation period for even heat on the egg. This pair started with two eggs, but discarded one egg sometime between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning. I spoke with a MassFish and Wildlife Biologist yesterday afternoon and apparently they can sense if the egg is viable and if not they discard the egg. The discarded egg is visible at the base of the nest close to the water.

I also notified the Loon Preservation Committee of NH about the egg for retrieval of the non-viable egg. The folks at MassFish and Wildlife along with Tuffs are also collecting loon eggs that don't hatch to try and figure out what went wrong during the incubation period.


Alton Bay Show


Morning folks…big show this weekend in Alton Bay, NH. Drop buy if you are in the area to see lots of new photographs….

24th Annual Craft Fair at the Bay
July 13th & 14th Hours Sat. 10-5 Sun 10-5
Community House, Route 11
Alton Bay, NH

I'll leave you until next week with a bobcat from this spring.

Have a great weekend!


Loon with chicks


Evening folks…there is something about loons, I'm going to say they are my favorite waterbird to photograph. I love hearing the calls of loons at sunrise and sunset. Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to have a nesting pair here on the pond…Happy


Posing Red Fox


Evening folks…on one of the trips to NH last month I also saw a bobcat, but was not able to get any photos. But I did get a few shots of this great looking adult red fox….Happy


One The Green Art and Craft Fair


Evening folks…big show this weekend!

One The Green Art and Craft Fair
July 5th, 6th and 7th Show hours Fri. 11-6 Sat. 10-5 Sun 10-4
Brewster Academy
Wolfeboro, NH

If you around the area please stop by!

This is the same Lupine field I used for the night shot with the Milk Way. This is about 30 minutes before sunset using a 30 second exposure.

Have a great 4th!


Bull Moose in Baxter


Evening folks…it doesn't look I'm going to have time after playing with the bears and the weather for an early trip up North for moose this year. So here is one from last year. Would love to get a photo of this guy in the Fall!


Bear at the bar


Evening folks…something about this pose, "Hey Smoky give me another drink, long day with the cubs!"