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Jul 2007

Storm Damage

We had a bad thunderstorm on the pond on Sunday afternoon. Gusty wind and a torrential downpour for about 10 minutes produced the damage below. I was not at home at the time, but Franks was, as he watched the big elm tree on the edge of the pond go first, that opened a wind fetch to the large white maple in the middle of the lawn. Both trees fell with 15 seconds of each other !

This is the maple on the lawn, which was home to many critters. In the spring we have seen wood-ducks setting in this tree thinking about making a nest! After the storm passed, we were out looking at the damage and a flying squirrel popped his head out. Guess they will be looking for a new home!

Maya looking at the mess!

This is the elm at the edge of the pond. This was a rather large elm. We were wonder when the dutch elm disease would take this tree, not thinking a thunderstorm would bring it down!

Looking from the pond back up to the house.

With the elm tree gone, we now have a great view to the southwest corner of the pond!