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Feb 2014

Snowy Owl in the dunes


Evening folks…I located this Snowy Owl with fresh snow in the dunes a few weeks back. One couldn't have asked this owl to have chosen a nicer setting and with the sun low in the sky casting long shadows. I think this creates a nice environmental photograph our winter visitors have selected for there winter home.

I'm thinking this one will look nice as one of those big aluminum print…Happy


Grey Eastern Screech Owl


Evening folks…today was another owl kinda day…Happy Started with Snowy Owls and ended the day photographing this fun little Eastern Screech Owl. I have photographed 'Red' Eastern Screech Owls in the past but this is the first 'Grey' Eastern Screech that I have photographed. It's amazing how the grey ones blend into the tree!


Sunrise Snowy Owl


Afternoon folks…decided not to go out on yet 'another' snowy day here in New England. So, I spent most of the day processing the backlog of photos, made some headway! Here is a sunrise photo on one very cold morning last week. I only had a few minutes to setup and capture this photo with this awesome light. I had been trying for this photo all winter and finally everything came together, nice pink sky and a great subject. I was one happy person that morning!