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Feb 2013

Otter with Catfish


Evening folks…spent the afternoon over at my otter location and was able to photograph this one gobbling down a catfish. It was amazing to watch, within 2 seconds of going underwater it came back up with this fish! There was also a beaver out on the ice for a bit, and a Belted Kingfisher…guess it likes ice fishing! It did manage to catch a fish in what little open water there is….Happy

Fun afternoon!


Heron With Full Moon II

IMG_0687 (1)

Evening folks…rainy day here on the pond, so I was going through photos on a hard drive and came across this photo. Some of you may have seen one taken from the same night as this one, Great Blue Heron nest silhouetted against the moon. This one is a slightly different pose from the one posted a few years back.


Hooded Merganser


Evening folks…while sitting at my otter site, this Drake Hooded Merganser popped in to say hi! Needless to say the otters were a no show this afternoon….Sad


Snowy Farm


Evening folks…last photograph for today, this is on Elmwood Road here in Lunenburg. I think it's one of the most old picturesque barns in Lunenburg. And then along with the sap buckets Hollis Hills Farm has lining the road, this little section of Lunenburg made for a great morning for photographing…Happy To purchase a copy of this photograph click here.


Sugar Time!


Couldn't you just picture Jim of Hollis Hills Farm pulling up with his team of horses to gather the sap…Happy Elmwood Road taken Sunday morning.


Winter morning on the pond


Afternoon folks….here is one from Massapoag this morning.


River Otter


Evening folks…this is a critter I have been trying to photograph for sometime now, the River Otter. I located an area where there has been a lot of activity earlier this week. And this afternoon I finally was able to get a few photographs before it disappeared. I think I located the den as well and with any luck they will have their pups at this location!

Have a great weekend.


Grey Fox Kit


Evening folks…and keeping with the fox theme here is a Grey Fox kit taken a few years ago. I was only able to photograph them a few times before mom moved them to a new location. Cute little guys….


Red Fox Kitts

Fox 2

Evening folks…well it is getting that time of the year for foxes to start looking for denning locations. I may have found a Grey Fox location. This is in a location where one has denned for the pasted few years and last Thursday I found an area that has been new dug out…..fingers crossed. Now to find a Red Fox den...anyone know of one please feel free to contact me....Happy


Marsh Wren

Evening folks,

Spring must have sprung here in the Northeast, this bird shouldn't here now

What amazed me was how quick it happened...I was shooting with a Canon 7D at 9 frames per second and there is only one frame missing from this sequence of photos.


"Okay Where Are You?"


"There You Are!"


"Damn It's Cold Down Here!"


"Ahh Gotcha Yeah!"


Happy Valentines Day!



Le Conte's Sparrow


Evening folks…today I went to Concord, Ma to photograph a Le Conte's Sparrow and wasn't disappointed! This has to be one of the most cooperative birds I have ever photographed. This bird is a bit out of it's range, tends to winter in the South Central US and breeds North Central and Central Canada. Great Day! More photos can be viewed here. Look under “Tweedy Birds”


Snowy Owl


Evening folks…on Sunday I went back up to Hanover, NH to try to locate the Great Grey Owl, again with no luck. The Snowy Owls are a no show this year. I'm not having much luck with owls this winter, so here is one from Duxbury Beach taken last winter. And no this guy had no luck catching it's dinner…

Spring's the corner


Evening folks…how about something to remind us spring is just around the corner…Happy This was taken here on the pond over the summer.


The Old Mill in Westminster, MA

Old Mill

Evening folks…I drove by The Old Mill Restaurant in Westminster, MA a few days ago a noted all the ducks and thought it would be a neat photo during a snow storm. There is something about snow, old buildings, toss in a few birds, a touch of black and white and makes for a great photograph…Happy


Clam Before The Storm


Evening folks just took this a few minutes ago here on the pond…..But Is the old adage “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning” true, or is it just an old wives’ tale? A point to ponder during the storm predicted for the next few days….Happy


Spring Robin?


Evening folks….Blizzard Warning….Winter Storm Warnings…16-30 inches of snow for tomorrow into Saturday! Come-on at one time Robins were a sign of spring, I just photographed this guy the other day.

Batten down the hatches folks sounds like this one going to be whopper of a storm! And this guy might think about heading South for a few more days.


Long-tailed Weasel


Evening folks…here is another weasel this one is a long-tailed weasel I photographed this past summer while in Maine. I sat down on the edge of a small pond and heard a bit of squeaking, looked over to my right and spotted 1/2 dozen little weasels poking there head out from behind a tree.  I tried to get some photos of the young but they moved too fast! Mom came running over had herded them away when she squeaking and saved them from the big bad photographer….Happy




Evening folks…I went to Hanover, NH in search of a Great Gray Owl that had been spotted there for the past few days. We didn't have any luck with the owl….Sad But I did get a few clicks of this critter, I've been trying photograph one for sometime now.



Winter Geese


Evening folks…while up to Salisbury beach last week I also went over to Plum Island to see if I might get lucky and stumble onto a Snowy Owl. No such luck on the owl, but I did photograph a flock of a few hundred Canada Geese feeding in a snow covered field! Yummy……frozen grass…Happy


Red Crossbill


Evening folks…along with the White Winged Crossbills, Common Redpolls, Pine Siskin and Pine Grosbeaks, another member of the finch family has made it's way this far south as well, the Red Crossbill. Over the past few months you have seen photographs I have taken all the others except this one. On my trip to Salisbury Beach on Tuesday I was able to photograph this handsome guy..Happy

Everyone have a great weekend!