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Dec 2008

Ice Storm Dec. 2008

As many of you know, we had a rather nasty ice storm in Central New England on the evening of Dec. 11th through the morning of Dec. 12th. We were without power until late on Dec. the 18th. Frank and I went to a Home Depot west of Hartford, CT. on Friday Dec. 12th to buy a generator. We ended up coming back with three generator and they were all put to to good use! As of today Dec. 22nd there are still folks without power here in the area, including the Byrne house next door.

Below are a few photos from the morning after....

Looking towards Joe and Gail’s house

Tree hanging over Joe’s Car.

Looking north on Lancaster Ave.

Looking south on Lancaster Ave.

Looking over Massapoag Pond.

Looking over Massapoag Pond.

We lost the better part of a maple tree off the southwest corner of the house.