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Apr 2013

"Sleeping Like A Rock"


Evening folks…the mom has yet to move all of the kits at the fox den. She has split the den, which is not common, but does happen according to a friend of mine at MassFish and Wildlife. Anyhow I received word over the weekend that the two I photographed a week ago still there. I spent a few hours there yesterday afternoon. We'll call this one "Sleeping Like A Rock" !


New Heron Rookery


Evening folks…the heron rookery that I have been photographing for the past few years only has one active nest this year, as most of the trees have fallen. Over the weekend I explored another and this new one has 9 active nests and should be fun to photograph once the young have hatched….Happy It might even have a Pileated nest if I can find it!


Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…I received word last night that the mom has moved the fox kits. This is not uncommon for this to happen and mom might move them a few times before they are old enough to hunt on their own. Guess I should consider myself lucky that I did have to photo sessions with them….Happy


Garter Snake


Evening folks…I don't recall viewing as many garter snakes as this year. Everywhere I go the numbers seem like are up. This one was in good light so I just had to stop and photograph it…Happy




Evening folks…I visited the local Osprey nest this weekend, and talk about being in the right place at the right time. Guess this kinda seals it, we will have a nesting season this year….Happy Now let's hope we have successful nesting season.

Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…here is another photo from the new fox den from earlier this week. The best I could do was to get three of at least five of the kits in one photo…Happy

Let's hope everything gets resolved on Boston soon….

Everyone have a safe weekend.




Evening folks…spent a bit of time at Bolton Flats this after. The most interring bird was a Glossy Ibis, but it didn't stay long enough to get any good photographs. Only a few of these pass this far inland each year. But I did have a chance to photograph a 'dry' Muskrat! Do you think it needs to use a bit of 'tooth whiting'….Happy


Red Fox Kits


Evening folks…good news, I got a report of a fox den the other day and today I when to the location for a visit. It didn't take long to locate the den and there appears to be at least 5 kitts. I spent a hours photographing them this afternoon until it started to rain.These guys are so much fun to photograph!

Given the location I'm not sure how long it will be before mom moves them. The location is in an area that will become very busy with folks wanting to be outside, but we'll see….Happy



Evening folks…this was a nice way to end the week. I went to check on my remote camera setup this morning, as it was crappy here this morning, and to my delight I had a few nice captures of this Bobcat…Happy


Hmmm….what’s over there?


Time for a 'Catnap'!


Damn fleas!


Wilson Snipe


Evening folks…here is another bird taken at Bolton Flats this week. This is a Wilson Snipe, a flighty bird….Happy Had a heck of a time getting a good photograph of this bird.


Greater Yellowleg


Evening folks…I have spent the past few days photographing water birds while laying in the mud! Last night I came home coved in mud, today I was a bit smarter and brought tarp….Happy This is a Greater Yellowleg feeding at Bolton Flats on it's way North to Northern Canada to it's breeding grounds.


Mourning Cloak


Morning folks…was out photographing all day yesterday and it was one great day here in New England! Photographed my first butterfly the year, a Mourning Cloak. Mourning Cloaks are one of the few butterflies that overwinter. Instead of dying or flying South, they stay here year-round. Mourning Cloaks do hibernate, they will find a tree cavity, or crawl underneath some loose bark to give us a jump start on enjoying Spring….Happy




Evening folks…as I stated last night everything has really started to get really exciting here in New England. Today was the State-Wide eagle count though I didn't see any eagles, I did see lots of other activity! The Osprey are back and in full gear readying their nest. I have been following this nest for a number of years and I was happy to see today they were back and doing a bit of housekeeping….Happy

Everyone have a great weekend!




Evening folks…this is such a fun time of year here in New England with everything coming alive! Trees and flowers are greening up. Water is flowing again. Birds are pairing up courting and readying a nest. I even heard my first peepers today…Happy

Here is a drake Hooded Merganser having a snack of a crayfish while courting it's mate.




Evening folks…I had another good night with the remote camera photographing a bobcat. This is a rather large cat and I'm hoping it's a male coming in to mate with the local female. I would love to have the chance to photograph some kittens this year….Happy

In many ways it is more difficult to use a remote camera, one has to try to predict where the subject is going to be, get usable exposure without being there and hope that the click you get is a pleasing pose, it’s all a challenge but fun…Happy


Courting Herons


Evening folks…it is that time of year for the start of the Great Blue Heron nesting season here in New England. Courting and nest building is well underway and it won't be long before little ones are in the nest…Happy If you have never seen nesting location for these birds it a great sight to see as well as hear!