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Eaglet D1's first flight

I went to the nest today and when I arrived dad was in the nest but D1 was not. I heard D1 screaming a short distance away to the east. I photographed the male in the nest for a bit then went to see where D1 was. D1 was perched in a pine tree by the kettle south east of the nest. Both adults made a few pass to check on D1, but it took 3 1/2 hours before D1 mustered enough courage leave the tree. My guess is that D1 made it’s first flight to that pine after dad kicked it out!

On the next flight D1 flew to a tree close to where the male was perched. A few minutes later D1 flew to the pine snag at the end of the cove. Over the next 30 minutes D1 seemed to learn how to use it wings, though some of the landings were a bit amusing!

Below is one of the first photos I captured of D1 in flight. More photos can be viewed
here, the next 9 photos are from today.

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