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Snowy Owls Are Back!


Evening folks…it was a snowy kinda day, as in Snowy Owls…Happy I've never seen so many in one day. I started at Salisbury Beach at day break this morning and ended the day at sundown on Plum Island. The total for the day ended with 15 owls of which I was able to photograph six….Happy

For those that don't know about the
irruptions of the Snowy owls, here is a simple explanation. Lemmings usually are found in or near the Arctic they seem to have a 4-5 year population cycle. This is also the normal home range for Snow Owls. Lots of lemmings means lots of Snowy owlets are born, fledge and survive. When the lemmings crash the owls move south to find food. Many owls die, but enough survive to allow the Snowy Owl to maintain a healthy population. It’s nature’s way of balancing populations of both owls and lemmings.

Many of the owls down this way are young birds, this owl I believe is a first year owl.

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