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This is a live feed of a bald eagle nest in North Central Massachusetts.
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Again we are looking for donations for this project. Your donations help support all the equipment and technical support required to bring the eagle nest cam to your computer.  In addition, your donation will fund improvements to equipment and future expansion of the project. 

For donations of $50.00 or more, we will send you a 8" X 10" photograph matted to 11" X 14" and signed print of the eagle photograph to the right that Dale captured during the 2010 nesting season.

You can click the donation button above or send a check to the address below.

Massapoag Pond Photography
1070 Lancaster Avenue
Lunenburg, MA 01462
This eagle print will be sent for donations of $50.00 or more.
Many thanks to the folks at MassWildlife for the expertise of the climbers they provided to install the camera in the nesting tree. Without them this would not have been possible.
Lunenburg Nesting History:

Nesting info 2009:
Early winter 2008 the sightings of bald eagles started on areas ponds and lakes in Lunenburg. They were viewed a number of times on Massapoag Pond during the winter months feeding on bait fish tossed onto ice after a day of ice fishing activity.

Early 2009 a nest was spotted in a quiet cove on Lake Shirley. The pair continued building the nest readying it for nesting in early spring. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife posted the area around the nest to protect the eagles from being disturbed. The female has only a silver Federal ID band and the male has both a Federal ID band as well as Massachusetts ID band. The male still has a bit of brown plumage on its head and tail feathers placing his age between 4 to 5 years old.

The eaglets were banded by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife on June 2nd. The eaglets were banded with both a State and Federal band. On or around June 30th D0 made its first flight from the nest only not to return. D0 was found on the ground on by one of the local residents still alive on July 2nd. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife was notified and D0 was transported to Tuffs Wildlife Clinic and later died on July 4th. It was reported that the bird was anemic, had some kind of infection indicated by a high white blood cell count, and could not keep down solid or liquid food. Necropsy showed a heavy infestation of liver flukes, possibly picked up by eating encysted fish

D1 fledged on July 12th, spending most of its time flying to the same trees it watched its parents flying to while in the nest. D1 spent the next 2 weeks close to the nest, but has since been seen flying around the lake. Soon D1 will have to start fending for itself and the process will start over again.

Nesting info 2010:
This pair of eagles had a successful nesting season. One egg hatched around April 14th. The eaglet was banded on May 20th with a MA State band of D6 and appears to be a female. The eaglet fledged the nest on July 7th and seemed to very healthy the last time it was seen on August 21th. Click
here to view photographs from 2010 nesting season.

Nesting info 2011:
The middle of Feb. the pair started working on the nest. Late afternoon on March 19th an egg was laid. The first one hatched out on Easter April 24th. and on May 9th one head was visible in the nest.

On May 12th I photographed 2 eaglets in the nest. That was the last time as one died. It was also note on May 12th we had a change of pairing at this nesting location. On this day, when I visited, the female's behavior was very different. She was very agitated by my presence, unlike the 2 previous nesting seasons. I was able to photograph her legs and this eagle has no bands. At this time we do not know where the original female is. On June 2 the eagle was band by MassWildlife with both a Federal band and a MA State band U3.

A gallery of photographs for this nest can be viewed here
The eagles at this location moved to a new nesting location about 3/4 of a mile from this nest. We have no idea what nest the eagles will use next year. We will leave this equipment in place and power it back up late fall to see if they are working on this nest. If not, we will see what's is involved in installing a cam in the new nest for next nesting season.

If any one has any questions you can email me directly at .

See you next nesting season!


Dale J. Martin