Massapoag Pond Photography

I acquired my first scope in the fall of 2004 and soon figured out I would need a observatory to continue this hobby, I live in a very cold and windy area in New England! I poked around to see what was available for a low cost dome.... wow this is going to be a expensive hobby!
If you are interested a bit more on the history of the dome you can find more information here.

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I joined a in October 2005 on CloudlyNighty where a small group was spear heading a design for a low cost dome. By the time I got involved with the project Rick Needham had located a company that expressed interest in manufacturing the dome... that company is called Polydome. With-in 9 months the first domes were shipping with the brand name of Explora-Dome!
Massapoag Pond Observatory
I have tried to document the construction of the Massapoag Pond Observatory from the start to the finish.

If anyone as any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.
I received my dome on July 7th 2006.