Massapoag Pond Photography

Concrete work...

The concrete riser arrived and was installed on 7/25/2006. This will serve as the main foundation for the main structure as well as the footing for the pier.
Finished foundation...

The finished foundation ready for the decking.

Sunday afternoon 7/30/2006
Concrete work...continued

The sewer riser being filled with concrete. I built a re-rod frame work inside the sewer riser and also place a 8' concrete filled steel lally column in the center. This will be embedded inside the concrete pier for the scope along with 4- 3/4" re-rods. The sewer riser weighs in at 1500 pounds. Next 1/2 ton of 3/4 stone in the bottom of the sewer riser. Now 50- 80 pound bags of concrete mix was mixed and poured into the sewer riser. At this point the foundation/footer weighs about 3 1/2 tons!