Massapoag Pond Photography

Orion Complex Mosaic 2

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Canon 350D Modified by Hap
Orion Atlas mount Guided with PHD through Meade SN-6" with I.S. DMK 21AF04.AS
Nebulosity for capture and stacking, Photoshop CS2 for post processing
This image represents about 20 hours worth of photon collection. For the Horse-head region 23 X 10 minute frames with 20 ISO 800. For Orion region Orion 18 X 8 minute frames 20 X 60 second frames, 10 X 30 second frames,10 X 15 second frames, 10 X 5 second frames, all shoot at ISO 800. The rest of the image contains 4 other frames to make up the remaining field of view. All of these frames were 6 X 10 minute frames at ISO 800.
The data was then stacked and calibrated using Nebulosity. Next Photoshop was used for post processing. When the images were close to the final appearance, the Photoshop script "Photomerge" was used to compose the mosaic. Final levels and noise reduction was applied.
Orion 80ED, WO 0.8 FR, with Astronomik CLS Filter
Massapoag Pond Observatory Lunenburg, MA - Nov 2008 through Feb 209
Horse Head and Orion Nebula
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