Massapoag Pond Photography

Meade DSI-C modification to ALL-Sky Camera

After seeing a person on the Meade DSI Yahoo group make an all-sky camera using a DSI imager I decided to give it a whirl. I had a Meade DSI-C not being used for anything, so I decided to modify this camera for a all-sky camera. I purchased a 2.1 mm CCTV f/1.5 150 degree FOV lens on Ebay.

This lens has M12 X P.5 thread so I had to find a mount for the lens. I found an iBot webcam and cannibalize the lens mount from that. The back of the lens has to be very close to the chip to reach focus. The DSI has a square opening to the CCD chip and the opening is not large enough for the the lens to go through to reach focus. I decided to open up the square hole. To modify the DSI remove the four screws holding the body together open up the square hole using a 1/2" drill. This is very straight forward. I clamped the cover in a x-y vise then turning the drill by hand until I centered the square hole to the drill bit, then drilled the hole. I then removed some material from the iBot lens mount to shorten the length by a few mm, since the mount was a bit to long for lens to reach focus. After having tested the setup for focus I screwed to lens all the way into the iBot mount and used 5 minute epoxy to mount the lens assembly to the DSI cover. Screwing the lens into the mount allows prefect centering on the CCD chip..... just be sure not to get any epoxy onto the thread of the lens! Go here to see the results!